Terms and conditions

What is the aim Love vintage & retro?
Love vintage & retro has been setup by the runners of Crafternoon-Tea as we feel there is a huge demand for this type of market in Auckland. Our aim is to have a group of like minded vintage & retro lovers together to show and sell their products to the public and to enjoy being with other who have the same passion. 
Where is the event held?
Love Vintage & Retro  is held at the Trinity Methodist Church on the fourth saturday  of every month - specifically to avoid conflict with other well established markets. It runs from 10am ~ 2pm most months, with changes at our discretion.
Will we get rich running a market every month?
No, the tables are cheap to get people involved and to cover costs. By the time the event is promoted and venue costs have been paid, there is little left to show for time and effort spent. We are in it for the true love of vintage & retro and for people who share the passion with us. 
What atmosphere should I expect?
A friendly helpful one, where vendors can promote their work, mingle and share ideas with the  community. Feedback and suggestions on how we could improve are always welcome.
How is the event promoted?
Mostly on the web and our blog. We also have a facebook account and regularly practice word of mouth. The market is advertised via local papers a few days before every event. We also have signs up the week of the market around the surrounding area's. Time and money permitting, we also participate in a number of other promotional activites and advertising ideas. Our vendors actively promote the market and we are always looking for new ways to spread the word.
What if I applied and was turned down?
Don’t take it personally. It simply means one of two things. Either we had too many applicants that month and we needed to make a decision or your goods were not suitable for the market. We will always attempt to let people know why they are not sucessful and if they should to re-apply.
How do I apply for a table?
Via the Google docs application which is accessed from the Love vintage & retro market  blog page.
Does Love vintage & retro  supply the table?
Yes and No.
We do have a limited amount of table on offer at a charge of $5 per table. We do not do no have half tables at the market. 

What if I need extra room?
Your fee pays for a space only at the event. That is all we promise to provide - no more, no less. Should you need more room, such as an extra 1/2 table, or space for a clothing rack, or a display cabinet, you need to request it when applying. Even then it is not guaranteed. You should expect to pay more for the extra space, as you are effectively taking the space another vendor could use. To avoid dissapointment, do not simply expect to turn up and have extra space available for additional items. We have a can do attitude and always do our best to cater for all.
How much do table spaces cost?
A full table is $30 and if you wish to hire one it will be $35  In summer months we can happily accommodate people outside with pop-up gazebos.
Will I get the same table position every month?
No. We do our best to accomodate for a number of people every month and complaining about position simply makes our job harder. At the end of the day, it’s possible we’ve turned people away so you can have your space. We don’t have a lot of space and the Church can at times, like any other venue, be a logisitcal challenge. Shuffling people around is therefore a necessary evil. Of course, we do have ‘regular’ vendors and as such, they are afforded regular positions at our discretion.
We expect our vendors to:
• Kindly not show up before 9am and to have your table set-up by 10am.
• Stay at the market until at least 2pm. We do not tolerate early packup and you will not be invited back if you do so. 
• Take all their rubbish home and ensure their general area is left clean.
• Mingle and be friendly to fellow stall holders.
• Give ample notice of cancellation. A text or call on the morning if you can't attend. 
• Pay promptly to confirm their place at the market.
• Avoid parking on the yellow lines in front of the church.
• Take extreme care when stopping and unloading vehicles..**
• Maintain and operate a reliable email address.
** Unfortunately, being situated on the corner of a busy intersection, with limited parking is not an ideal sceanrio. There are yellow lines directly in front of the Church, which can make dropoffs difficult and care must be taken. Conveniently, there is temporary parking behind the Church which allows for dropoffs. Be advised though, that this parking is for Atomic coffee customers and to be used at your own discretion.
Applications for each Love vintage & retro market will be open the day after the market. And stay open for around 1 1/2 weeks.  Confirmation will be sent out the day after they close with payment dates etc. 
This gives our vendors ample time to:
a) Apply for the event via the Love vintage & retro market
b) Make an EFT payment based on your table size and requirement.
c) Advise of cancellation.
And similarly, it gives us ample time to:
a) Organise the layout of hall amongst many other small tasks.
b) Confirm vendor payments and placement.
c) Juggle cancellations.
d) Make any last minute adjustments.
This means, vendors have:
a) Seven days to pay to confirm your place or cancel.
On the closing date for applications, we will advise you by email if you have been successful or not. You then have SEVEN days to make an EFT payment to guarantee your position at the market. If your payment is not received it’s possible your space will be allocated to another vendor.
Should an alternative payment arrangement be necessary, please let us know in advance. Receipts for payment will be issued on they day of the market only and must be requested. There is no GST component.

Per above, you have seven days from our acknowledgment email to either pay or cancel. The sooner you can advise of cancellation, the easier our job is. There are no refunds issued once payment is received.